Re: Holistic ID & Relativity

Anton Sherwood (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 00:35:32 -0700

Ian Goddard wrote:
> IAN: Relativity proves the holistic nature
> of identity: an identity attribute of a thing
> is its state of motion, its velocity.

That means nothing, not even an electron, retains its (vernacular)
identity from one moment to the next. I guess Fluffy isn't Fluffy after

> The motion of A relative to A is always 0,

You're forgetting rotation.

> just as the identity
> of A relative to A is 0. The motion of A is derived

for "derived" read "measured"

> not from A but from the relation of A to not-A, just
> as the identity of A is derived not from A but from
> the relation of A to not-A. It's so obvious and per-
> fectly consistent.

Consistent with itself, yes, but not with how the word _identity_ has
been used consistently by everyone else ever since it was coined.

> Self-relation is null, is 0.

Is zero not a number?

> All identity attributes are derived by the relation of
> A to things that are different than A. This claim
> of identity I make is physically proven,

Attributes are not the same thing as identity.
You confuse identity with description.

Refute that, smart guy.

> the evidence for it is virtually unlimited.

How come you get to use tautologies as evidence, and I don't?

> The evidence
> for the atomist theory of identity is universally
> contradicted, and yet it is the prevailing theory.

As usual, you confuse definition with theory.

> It is a crackpot meme that has infected the mass.

You know, usually when someone says "everyone is wrong" we call him

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