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> I stumbled across a Web article today entitled
> "Why Science Is Media-Dumb", a transcript of an
> address delivered by author Michael Crichton
> (_The Andromeda Strain_, _Jurassic Park_, etc.)
> to the American Association for the Advancement
> of Science in January 1999, and broadcast later
> that year by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
> It's very entertaining.

Very apt, and if anyone has the credentials to make the observations he does,
it's Chricton. I just watched "The Sixth Day" last night and, as usual, was
angry at the end at the characterization of transhumanist technologies. Of
course, it would have been perfectly possible to make a film with just as
much dramatic tension, just as many shoot-em-ups and obligatory parking
garage blood-fests, except in which the real bad guys were the biological
fundamentalists. There were moments in the film when I had hope . . . but,
alas, I'm afraid it just isn't meant to be (the pro-science, pro-reason
Hollywood film, that is.)

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