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<< Well, that's the point I was making. Making a fuss over cryonic suspension
 at this stage seems a little like somebody in 1710 (or whenver it was)
 getting excited at the prospect of a train trip after hearing about
 that early steam engine, and spending their life savings on a ticket.
 I want to see the train that's going to take me to Missouri, before
 I bother talking to the ticket agent. But that's just me ;-> .
 Jim F. >>
Originally, I was saying that Hans Moravec believes that (at least)
neutronium computers will be one of the ultimates, in the Age of Mind. We do
not have a lab sample, but neutronium likely, exists, and Moravec sees
converted Neutron stars as massive homes for equally, massive, intelligences.
Moravec, also independently came up with some eschatological notions (sans
Tipler's use of a collapsing Cosmos) in order to achieve the same thing, and
save a whole bunch of energy and time in the process. Downloading seems
desirable in many cases, but we are at the beginning of the human endeavor in
the cognitive sciences, not toward its maturity. We will have to wait and see
how mind/brain/personality are structured, before the Upload Express gets


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