Re: Tipler's Conjectures

Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 11:36:02 MDT

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<< To address the question, however, I would suggest that with sufficient
 matter/energy density, as occurs with collapsing black holes, it would
 seem possible to me.
 Lee Corbin >>
One of Tipler's concern's seems to be that black holes, eventually violate
the principle of "unitarity" (sp?) which is part and parcel of quantum
mechanics. This basically says that Hawking's notion that everything simply
winds up in black holes and the black holes finally go poof, resulting in
matter, energy, and information, disappears from the cosmos. The principle of
unitarity says this is not possible (if ya like quantum mechanics). So here
again, we have another reason to 'unify' general relativity and quantum
mechanics-to decide which what is right. The Linde' scenario seems much
closer to what is desired, then a black hole. For this we need wormholes,
transverable ones.


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