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At 03:36 AM 4/30/01 -0700, Robert wrote:

>Natasha wrote:
>> I had been holding off on responding to this thread. Firstly, I was in
>> shear amazement that who ever posted it would use such a subject line.
>I think one has to look at the "generation" of the person who
>started the thread.

My scanners cross the generational gaps with a fair amount of ease, and
this term stems from an old-world concept of woman as "young." I write and
lecture a lot on culture, especially how others cultures affect
transhumanist and visa versa.

There are a number of trends that come and go, while others stick like
post-its on our vocabularies. The current trends are to make women
stronger, more powerful and capable in the medium of film; while in music
videos the style depends on who the musician is and the directorial style.

>I'm seeing a trend in the media towards very bright, kick-ass
>(as well as attractive) women, e.g. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,
>Dark Angel, Relic Hunter, Xena, Lara Croft, etc. Some press I've
>seen attributes this to the fact that there are now more female
>executives in positions of responsibility in the media empires.

In part, but more on what attracts the attention of the buying public.
Entertainment industry executives are more interested in profitable
artistic productions than their positions. They are more sophisticated in
business to fall into the latter thinking, although it certainly is an
aspect of their individuality and what they bring to the table. Inasmuch,
subcultures dictate to the execs. For example, just as there is a growth
factor emphasizing kick-ass (which I love) phrases, there is the work done
by execs such as Lansing and Winfrey or Hawn who bring out the spirit of
women in their maternal and caregiver attributes while highlighting these
roles and make a heck of a lot of profit from them. There are other
examples to be sure, but I am simplifying for lack of time.

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