HGH on a Christian Radio Station

From: Mark Galecki (mgalecki@pacbell.net)
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 15:03:41 MDT


I was recently in Central Nevada looking at the largest Ichryosaur specimens
in the world, and driving and flipping through rare still mostly unappealing
radio stations, I heard the words "Human Growth Hormone". Who on earth
could be talking about this around here? Well, soon I found out that it
was an extensive interview with dr. Don Johnson, who sells secretogen HGH,
and he "expounded" on benefits of a longer lifespan. The host agreed and
enthusiastically endorsed the concept of life extension. I was ready to
believe that I happened on a progressive radio station in the middle of
cowboy country, but, on the same breath, the host said "praise the Lord!"
(and proceeded to alternately praise the life extension and the Lord several
times). Yes, folks, looks like life extension is moving to Christiandom.
Of course I have no doubt that their enthusiasm presumes that we extend the
lifespan somewhat, but then still we let the Lord have his/her/its way with
us at the end. If they knew the length of the "extension" we are _really_
after, their enthusiasm might come to a halt...

Mark Galecki

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