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From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 13:06:18 MDT

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> I've noticed that
> "hottie" and "chicka" are several terms used by younger generation
> women as self-descriptive self-promotional terms.

It's often okay for one to refer to herself in terms she wouldn't consider
acceptable if used by another person, so I'm not sure you could use this as
an indication of proper etiquette. But ...

FWIW, I found "cool athiest scientist chick" amusing. It never crossed my
mind that it could be taken as offensive. Sure, words have power; but it's
far more offensive to me when a guy says all the politically correct words
but treats women as though they're inferior humans than when a guy calls a
woman a chick but treats her with respect. And the person who posted the
original message obviously respects smart women (sorry, I've forgotten who
made the original post).

BTW, according to my 17 year old daughter, chick is what everyone calls
young women these days (don't know about the chicka variation, altho chica
is sometimes used to mean a young hispanic woman), and it's not meant as an
insult. Nor do I mean to insult any male person by referring to men as guys.


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