Intelligent Scientist (Was re: cool atheist scientist chick)

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 04:36:14 MDT

Natasha wrote:
> I had been holding off on responding to this thread. Firstly, I was in
> shear amazement that who ever posted it would use such a subject line.

I think one has to look at the "generation" of the person who
started the thread. Natasha, you probably don't spend as much
time browsing the Net-personals as I do (unless you and Max
lead a secret life I'm unaware of... :-)). I've noticed that
"hottie" and "chicka" are several terms used by younger generation
women as self-descriptive self-promotional terms. I'm not sure
whether these have crept into the vocabulary as a result of Rap
music, the increasing ethnicity of the U.S. (particularly the
southern states and North-east cities) or some other reason.
I do not know whether "chick" directly equates with "chicka"
going perhaps from derogatory to affirming. But I'd take
the subject line with a big grain of salt and consider that
perhaps what may be less than polite terms to our generation
might have morphed into complementary terminology in the
next-next generation.

I'm seeing a trend in the media towards very bright, kick-ass
(as well as attractive) women, e.g. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,
Dark Angel, Relic Hunter, Xena, Lara Croft, etc. Some press I've
seen attributes this to the fact that there are now more female
executives in positions of responsibility in the media empires.
So perhaps women are promoting other women in "action" roles
they would like to imagine themselves in. Or you could take the
cynical view and argue that this is where the money is since men
so easily allow themselves to be lead around by the ring in their


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