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From: John Marlow (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 00:46:50 MDT


On 28 Apr 2001, at 0:19, Randy Smith wrote:
> Yes, I agree with many of the things that you have said in this thread, or
> the same running argument contained in several threads. Very much, really...

#Well, thank you. I have little doubt you'll suffer for that.


> However, Extropianism is really a front, or a voice, for the ideas that can
> possibly save our lives--if we can push them into the forefront of the
> public debate.

#I agree that it COULD be a voice, perhaps THE voice for concepts of
staggering import--which makes it that much more important to attempt
to point these things out. At the moment, however, based upon what
I've seen here, it would be a serious mistake--a disaster, in fact--
to present this assemblage as the forefront, the last great hope, or
even a representative sampling of TH. This is so not because of the
views of the majority, which are largely unexpressed, but because it
is the views of the most vocal minority which serve to inform (or
misinform) the opinions of those new to the subject. And it is a
truism that the media in general seek out the most extreme voices to
"sell copy."

#I would not direct those interested in learning about TH here
without some sort of warning. Sad but true.


John Marlow

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