Re: >H games (Was: 2001 Prometheus Award)

From: Al Billings (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 12:54:50 MDT

Dwayne wrote:

> not getting too heavily into this thread, but years ago I was heavily
involved in a
> FIDO-like system called P.O.D.S. (Pagan and Occult Distribution System),
and one of the
> main heavyweights in the ceremonial magic areas was a certain Paul Hume (I
may be
> getting the name wrong, anyway), who everyone else deferred to as A Person
Of Authority.

 No, it is Paul Hume. I used to run the BBS system on the same network.

> A while later (this was about 1990 or so) I was playing a game called
Shadowrun, and
> was slightly weirded out as to how well written the magical aspects of it
were. Seemed
> that the people involved had done more than the usual 10 minutes' research
on magical
> and occult practices.
> And, some time later, I find out that the same Paul Hume wrote Shadowrun.
Small world.

 He only wrote the magical system for the game. He and a friend co-wrote the
old game "Bushido" as well and were on various other projects.

> Anyone know what he has done since Shadowrun? I miss the discussions on
PODS, but I
> discovered the internet, which of course meant the end of my BBS
activities. :-)

 He's had a tech career and is active in the Ordo Templi Orientis and
online. You can readily find him in a few places online, like the Thelema93
list on yahoo groups. Paul is an old friend of mine.


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