Re: >H games (Was: 2001 Prometheus Award)

From: dwayne (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 11:54:27 MDT


not getting too heavily into this thread, but years ago I was heavily involved in a
FIDO-like system called P.O.D.S. (Pagan and Occult Distribution System), and one of the
main heavyweights in the ceremonial magic areas was a certain Paul Hume (I may be
getting the name wrong, anyway), who everyone else deferred to as A Person Of Authority.

A while later (this was about 1990 or so) I was playing a game called Shadowrun, and
was slightly weirded out as to how well written the magical aspects of it were. Seemed
that the people involved had done more than the usual 10 minutes' research on magical
and occult practices.

And, some time later, I find out that the same Paul Hume wrote Shadowrun. Small world.

Anyone know what he has done since Shadowrun? I miss the discussions on PODS, but I
discovered the internet, which of course meant the end of my BBS activities. :-)


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