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Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 09:05:02 MDT

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> Agnosticism and modern religion run in the same
> water of dealing in undisprovables, as opposed to those who prefer several
> thousand year old claims about easily disprovable stuff to believing the
> disproof. Creationists are as empty of faith as agnostics, because they
> rely on material proof. Where they differ is that they don't do good
> science.
I think two points need be made here:
1. Creationism no doubt began with some people that were truly shocked at a
new idea.. Today however the leaders of that group IMHO are power grabbing
bigots that want to use religion as a means to power. The bankrupt nature of
their position can most easily be seen by looking at the very Bible they
claim as their authority. Ladies and Gentlemen their "proof" does not bear
2. Science is only involved as a whipping boy. The target was and remains
their congregations and the unwashed. Scientists make good whipping boys.
The bigot leaders can say what they like because the scientists never take on
the bigots arguments where the bigots are weakest. Witness how they bigot
leaders keep winning year after year in the popular culture and in the
legistlatures. They don't win because they are strong but because you never
Ron h.

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