Re: The pool we're trying to paddle in

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 08:52:28 MDT

> Besides we do not know enough about the universe to say with
> certainty that there is not a God. (hence agnosticism)
> Brian

Since God supposedly created the universe, perhaps we don't know enough about
God to say with certainty that there is a universe.
If you can think for yourself, it doesn't make any difference at all whether
you include theology or exclude it from your world view, because no one can
agree on a universal theistic definition. One person's god is another's joke,
and vice versa. Not with certainty, but with difficulty we refer to
non-trivial facts about billions of people rushing to their doom, oblivious of
the impending evolutionary phase transition. No matter how much you know about
the universe, you won't be able to say with certainty that there is not a god
urging and encouraging your agnosticism, because theism has more to do with
obstinacy than with the quest for knowledge.


--J. R.

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