A new page for the 2nd most famous extropian

From: Robert J. Bradbury (bradbury@aeiveos.com)
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 21:36:01 MST

Courtesy of Doug, I got ambitious today and decided to organize
a reference page for H. Keith Henson. You may find it at:

I've even converted several of the old grungy text documents that
I managed to find to hypertext (I can't believe we once actually
read this stuff). Interestingly several of these were lifted from
pointers to Anders' archives (Is there anything Anders doesn't have?)

Now, why is Keith the 2nd most famous extropian? Well I'm
not doing any "filtering" for identity homonyms. But it
would appear that from Google's point of view:
  Anders > Keith > Max > Damien >> yours truly or Greg

Some names, e.g. Spike's and Michael's show up a *lot* which
I assume is due to the probability that they wear multiple hats
around the world. And there are definitely seems to be at least
two Amara Graps (something I found surprising). Of course, it was
interesting to find out that "Doug Jones" was an expert on
PDP-8 computers...

Now, if one of our young computer literate people can figure
out how to take the results of these searches and separate
them into distinct domains of high similarity, we could resolve
these questions defininitively...

If anyone has any interesting ancecdotes, embarassing photographs,
historical facts, additional writings, links, etc. that they think
should be added to the H.K. Henson page, please forward such to me.

If there is a lesson to be learned here -- if you want
to be "famous" take on a "religion" or two....

One thing that is rather striking is how close Anders comes
to Ralph Merkle and even Eric Drexler (and he hasn't even
got a PhD after his name yet...).

Just a thought regarding Extro5 -- given the recent discussion
regarding simulations and ancestor recreations -- should there
be an after-hours video recording session where people spill
their guts to allow the recreation of more accurate simulations?


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