Re: A new page for the 2nd most famous extropian

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 11:45:29 MST

"Robert J. Bradbury" <> writes:

> Courtesy of Doug, I got ambitious today and decided to organize
> a reference page for H. Keith Henson. You may find it at:

Ah, that's great!

> I've even converted several of the old grungy text documents that
> I managed to find to hypertext (I can't believe we once actually
> read this stuff). Interestingly several of these were lifted from
> pointers to Anders' archives (Is there anything Anders doesn't have?)

Yes. Spare time. I would be interested in hearing suggestions for how
to manage my website(s) more efficiently - right now I put off
updating them far too much, simply out of time constraints.
> Now, why is Keith the 2nd most famous extropian? Well I'm
> not doing any "filtering" for identity homonyms. But it
> would appear that from Google's point of view:
> Anders > Keith > Max > Damien >> yours truly or Greg

> Now, if one of our young computer literate people can figure
> out how to take the results of these searches and separate
> them into distinct domains of high similarity, we could resolve
> these questions defininitively...

I have been thinking for a long time to set up some sociography
software to parse list traffic and construct a graph of who is
responding to whom. Might be an interesting way of visualising list
dynamics. The same might work for the web.
> If anyone has any interesting ancecdotes, embarassing photographs,
> historical facts, additional writings, links, etc. that they think
> should be added to the H.K. Henson page, please forward such to me.
> If there is a lesson to be learned here -- if you want
> to be "famous" take on a "religion" or two....

Unfortunately true. It also points toward the drawback of google-based
estimates of fame: it only shows "connection-fame", not
"relevance-fame". Although I think Keith ought to have a pretty good
relevance-fame too, in general being well linked seems to be more
powerful in making people find you than being right.

> One thing that is rather striking is how close Anders comes
> to Ralph Merkle and even Eric Drexler (and he hasn't even
> got a PhD after his name yet...).

Working on it... :-)
> Just a thought regarding Extro5 -- given the recent discussion
> regarding simulations and ancestor recreations -- should there
> be an after-hours video recording session where people spill
> their guts to allow the recreation of more accurate simulations?

Sounds a bit like this:

Wouldn't there be a better simulation if the descendants do a boundary
condition solution with known historical facts? I think having a lot
of information a timeslice t will not help much with estimating the
state at slice t +- 1 year, but having some information from say every
fifth year would make it much easier to estimate the intervening

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