Re: Sysop vs. Liberty (was Re: How To Live In A Simulation)

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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 21:36:45 MST

We can't answer this question, Eliezer. We don't have any idea what the
Sysop wont let us do. Do you?

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> Gordon Worley wrote:
> >
> > Maybe it comes down to making this choice: would one rather live
> > free yet at the risk of destruction or inside a cage but safe from
> > all but universe level destruction. I have chosen the former, but
> > maybe Eliezer has chosen the latter.
> My Standing Challenge is as follows:
> "Name one concrete thing that you should be able to do, but that a Sysop
> won't let you do." It can't be an intangible quality, like "having
> nanobots fully under my control" - you have to name something specific
> that you want to do with those nanobots, but which you won't be able to do
> under the Sysop Scenario.
> No decrement of freedom is involved.
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