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From: E. Shaun Russell (e_shaun@uniserve.com)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 19:52:25 MDT

Natasha wrote:

>Re Exercise: I don't know why exercising is problematic for many
>people. It's such a great way to spend time. It is time alone
>to be with oneself: both in focus (like in a zen space); or
>to let the mind wander anywhere it wants to (like free falling
>creatively). It's probably the best one aspect of life extension
>that we can do for ourselves.

I agree wholeheartedly. All my life I have battled minor genetic obesity
(the legitimate kind) and minor respiratory ailments, but have rarely let
it stop me from playing sports like hockey and baseball. In the last six
months I have lost ~25 pounds from cycling the equivalent of 20 miles a day
at 35-40 mph on a stationary cycle, as well as lifting weights and doing
other exercises. This, coupled with being very stringent with my fat
intake has improved my disposition considerably, and has likely made me
more healthy and prone to longer life. I highly recommend finding some
kind of regular exercise you enjoy, and just go ahead and do it. Set
challenges and accolades; at worst, it is perhaps temporary discomfort, but
at best, it could add decades to your life.

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