Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 16:35:47 MDT

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Life extension programs are varied and there are many practices
to follow. Because different outcomes are sought, developing
consistent and compatible programs tend to produce the most favorable
results. Not all life extension programs and practices are designed
and implemented exclusively for the physical outcomes. Mental
adjustments are necessary. Often, if there is an imbalance in
how a person perceives himself and what the mirror reflects,
and such imbalance can interfere with the very concept of life
extension practices.

Having tinkered around a bit, knowledge + common sense is probably
the best life extension practice and it's very basic: exercise,
relax, sleep, love your work, drink water, eat healthy food.
 Don't gorge, don't eat while stressed, refrain from too much
sugar, too much alcohol, too much food. Have yearly checkups,
learn about your body, develop your mind, brush your teeth.
Mediate, stretch, soak in baths, learn something new each day,
joy, cheerfulness, optimism, love, and the list goes on. The
implementation of a healthy lifestyle, by its own virtue, is
the foundation of life extension. But, the mind needs to understand
what *healthy* means.

Re CR: I practice restricting calories, but not as Roy Walford
has so effectively designed CR. I think that there might be
a propensity for specific types of individuals to get carried
away with CR. It works very well for some people, but not others.
 However, one does not have to be on such a rigorous program
to practice caloric restriction.

Re Exercise: I don't know why exercising is problematic for many
people. It's such a great way to spend time. It is time alone
to be with oneself: both in focus (like in a zen space); or
to let the mind wander anywhere it wants to (like free falling
creatively). It's probably the best one aspect of life extension
that we can do for ourselves.

Developing an individual, healthy lifestyle, can go in many directions
and some of them are very far out. Life extension is not just
maintaining the body, it's also gaining knowledge of future technologies
that will aid and assist a person's specific genetic makeup and
personal and psychological needs.


Actually, this list works well, don't you think. I mean, we
have been discussing our minds and our bodies all along and certainly
what we do on a daily basis is part and parcel to the daily extension
of our lives. Uploading is an aspect of life extension, and
what knowledge we have about a Singularity is an aspect of life
extension. Recently, there was a series of posts about what we
would do if money and technology was not an issue. Even knowing
how to deal with flamboyant ecentric Greens or luddites helps
with life extension. Perhaps we might discuss physical aspects
more often, such as weight lifting, and I would certainly be
happy about this. Or, discuss enhancements to the body and senses,
which would make me very happy (thus adding years to my own life

How we deal with life's issues, each aspect of it, is crucial
to the amalgamation of extending life. Most topics, although
at first blush don't seem to pertain to life extension, actually
do -- even in off-handed ways.


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