Re: AGE's And Immunity

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Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 13:26:52 MDT


This is a general AGE response...

Here's what I know offhand...CR actually keeps the useful apoptosis &
phagocytosis going; I know aspirin keeps the NK cells chugging; and Vit E
actually improves immune system function. Vit C is reputed to do things...
Zinc helps the immune system... and I know of LE types who have had small
skin growths vanish under high doses of zinc (1 month periods...) 150 to 250
mg. I've seen the before and after. I've also heard of melatonin.

Then there's a whole hostsof "immunopotentiators drugs" and "drugoids"...
me, I feel that my megavitamins Zinc & CR should help...

In this AGE respect I believe that keeping insulin resistance DOWN is of
paramount importance as we I use three or four herbs including
Momordica charantia to hopefully keep insulin resistance where it belongs.


I know about it's effectiveness in blocking glycosylation in rats...


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>So cymm help me out here.. how does one reverse "macrophage activity gets
>curtailed" or augment macrophage activity in relation to AGE ?

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