Re: More Green Party

Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 23:44:48 MDT

Noise: high

"zeb haradon" <> wrote:

> >In the medium term all this will be changed by preventive procedures (just
> >as putting kryptonite in the water supply has saved most kids from getting
> >holes in their teeth, ever),
> Kryptonite in the water!? No wonder my x-ray vision and bullet-proof chest

> Unless kryptonite is a chemical which is put in water too and has the same
> effect as flouride, in which case, I am an idiot.

I'm guessing Damien B. was being playful. A certain love of wordplay will do
that, especially when it is assumed that the listening population can twig to
something which superficially makes no sense and fill in the right answer. I
have found that doing this in large and varied populations is not the best of
ideas. Now I've either displayed my telepathic powers or will incur the risk
of speaking for someone else. :)

-xx- Damien X-)

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