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> >The simplest thing to do would be to move to someplace with lower rent.
> >Another answer is to get a new job.
>You're not paying attention here, buddy. Really. I'm talking about people
>who seem mostly to be migrants, who are doing the traditional heartbreaking
>migrant thing of investing their own miserable lives working their arses
>off doing the scutwork so their kids can go to school and get training for
>those better jobs. (Which might not be there in another couple of decades,
>of course.)

I'm not sure what you're saying - are migrants incapable of improving
themselves in the way you or I have? Do you not see this as condescending?
"no - you don't understand what kinds of people they are". And I don't
understand how sacrificing for their children would make it neccesary to
move to someplace with high rent.
There's a catch-22 - is it possible for someone to be implicitly superior to
anyone else, via genetics or whatever? I believe that, no it is not. In rare
cases, such as mental retardation, someone is at a natural disadvantage, but
the fact that some retarded people are able to get jobs and make a decent
living shows that the disadvantage is not as pronounced as you would think.
And if I am wrong, and it is possible that anyone is superior to anyone
else, then you would expect and want it to be reflected in differences in

>Move to somewhere with a lower rent. In the Valley. I love it. They're
>already in garages and subdividing their tiny apartments. Be serious.

Why would I have meant in the valley? I'm not talking about next door. Maybe
out of the valley?
There are a lot of Mexican immigrants here in Utah, and a great job market.
If I were moving from Mexico to the US, I would pick Utah. Nevada is nice as
well. Unfortunately, due to a minimum wage, a lot of the ones without a lot
of education cannot find entry level job legally. If they're illegal
immigrants, they couldn't anyone. Solution: slowly increase immigration
quotas until they exceed the actual amount of immigration, then do away with
them, while slowly lowering the minimum wage until it is zero.


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