Re: human evolution and artificial birth

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 22:59:26 MDT

> Zeb haradon wrote: ...The fear
> of this technology is based on the fact that it will skew gender populations
> as almost everyone chooses to have male children.

That wouldnt last long at all. The female children would become quite
valuable as soon as there became even a small deficit.

> In extreme male-supremecist cultures like that being endorsed
> in Afghanistan, I would expect a 90/10 skew.

I would truly *like* to see Afghanistan get the technology and produce
a generation with only 10% female. That would change things, would
it not?

> The short term, social effects
> of this would be bad. I'd expect to see an intensification of attitudes
> which treat women as property.

Disagree. Those 10% women would be able to have aaaaaanything
they wanted. They would run the show. I hear the few women who were
in the American west in the early days were treated quite respectably.

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