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> > If they ever reach 10% in the polls, start hoarding.
>If they reach 3%-5% it's time to bail IMO. It's like a smoke alarm going
>off. The REALLY scary thing to me is that I've heard quite a few people
>talking about how wonderful Ralph Nader is. All it takes is a charismatic
>leader to change a fringe lunatic party into a mass movement.

Well, he has more then 3-5% support already - 6% in fact, from reliable
sources (gallup poll). But the election is months away - remember how high
Perot's support level was at one point.
According to:

2000 Presidential Election
George W. Bush now leads Al Gore in the race for president by a 13-point
margin among likely voters nationwide, 52% to 39%. This represents a
significant increase in support for Bush compared to recent polling, and is
the first time since January that Bush has held a double-digit lead over
Gore. When third-party candidates Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader are included
in the horserace, Bush leads Gore by 12 points, 50% to 38%, with Nader
garnering 6% of the vote and Buchanan just 2%. [June 23-25, 2000]

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