More Green Party (was SOC: Radical Anti-Genengineering)

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Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 21:56:57 MDT

zeb, I think your concern that other parties might adopt Green Party
provisions is well-founded. I hate to say this, because I love my home, but
I think the time may be coming pretty soon when the only sensible thing to
do is to leave the US. The big question is where to go. There was a little
discussion of this a few days ago. I think I'll do some heavy duty research
on the question. It's possible that such considerations as existing medical
facilities should have a relatively low priority, since that's a deficiency
that can be corrected. If the US moves towards many of the Green Party
provisions, I guarantee there won't be decent medical care here. I have a
friend who got pneumonia when she was in Moscow and had to go into a
hospital there. In this large city, they were still using medical
techniques that were common in the US at the beginning of the 20th century.
That's the kind of progress we have to look forward to here if this country
follows Nader's inspiration.

Oh yeah, everyone in the US better learn how to grow their own food, too.
Green Party plans to kill agriculture along with industry.


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> One more thing,
> If you want to practice any kind of life extension which involves gene
> therapy or cloning, you'd better learn to do it yourself.

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