Re: The Green Party

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 09:55:56 MDT

I think this list is much too hard on the Green Party, they perform useful functions,
comic relief for one thing. In addition it draws voters from Gore who is even worse
than bush. I guess. Mr. Nader would cause little harm and might to great things.
If he became president it's unlikely his loony pollicies would ever become law,
government gridlock is your friend; and in the age of the Internet it's even more
unlikely that the new laws could ever be enforced. All this would at the very least cause
a devastating defeat for the Green Party in the mid term election in 2002, if not
impeachment of Mr. Nader for incompetence. The contempt for government would
be great and long remembered and thus be weakened. Thank you Mr. Nader.

I more worried about Pat Buchanan, his economic ideas although very foolish would
not instantly destroy the economy as Mr. Nader's would and I have no doubt the resulting
slow decline in the fortunes of the USA would be blamed on godless foreigners. He just
might be able to pull it off. Mr. Buchanan understands TV, has a good hairdo, and he
knows how to wave a flag and thump a bible, useful skills for a leader to have when
you've totally fucked things up. Mr. Nader does not have those skills and has a bad
haircut so he's less dangerous.

            John K Clark

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