Re: Re : Cornering the causes of aging (was Re: AGING: Accumulation of DNAdamage)

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 06:31:51 MDT

>If you're looking for one major "cause" and one major "cure" for "ageing"
>you'll never find it. The "failure" lies in the interrelating of the
>multiple factors to produce a very useful medical model.

Since the DNA program developed under the evolutionary pressure of trial and
error, those processes which generated the most effective offspring survived.

Thus, the program runs quite well in the beginning of its life cycle, then to
became less and less runnable with increasing uptime. The more complex life
forms use a repeated reboot method to get rid of this problem.

For humans, this means that the DNA program will crash the system sooner or
later, and one would need to reboot it, by creating a new body and somehow
insert the old memories into it.

Unfortunately, humans have not the technology for this at this time.

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