Re: Diamond, Miller, Gould, Darwin was:followers/leaders

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 23:00:09 MDT

> > > Diamond's book -- it's gotten strong pro and con reviews from
> > > people I respect, which means I ought to read it, I suppose. Put
> > > round in the clip!
> >
> > Lee Daniel Crocker wrote: Add me to the "pro" side. Sure, a lot of it
> > pretty speculative, but good speculations can be pretty compelling...
> Spike Jones wrote: Add me to the mildly con side. Much better is The
> Mind, by
> Geoffrey Miller...

The reason I reposted this earlier was that after the fact I noticed I had
quoted something many of us would perhaps like to see less of on the
list, "...put another round in the clip..." etc.

In light of last weeks flamewar, and the posts on bad PR, I ask that we
all read carefully before we hit the send button, which I myself failed
to do when I quoted the original question. No rebuke intended here
at all, just asking all to subtract about 12 dB from anything that could be
misinterpreted. Its important. spike

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