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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 08:41:15 MDT

Brian Atkins wrote:
> I'm pretty cynical when it comes to government, and my opinion is that
> spending time and resources lobbying it or otherwise participating in that
> process is a waste. You really have to find some way to jump outside of
> it.
> Does anyone know if Havenco/Sealand is going to establish a bank and
> online stock brokerage?

According to the WIRED article in the printed version, they have an agreement
with a bank already to set up an offshore virtual bank. They were being
typically cagey as to exactly which bank it is, probably for good reason. Until
they are up and operating, it probably would not be difficult for national
governments to put pressure on any institutions headquartered in their own
territory to cease and desist dealing with Sealand. Considering how much the US
and other governments have leaned on the Swiss, the Carribean nations,
Lichtenstein, etc. on opening their systems up to scrutiny, I think their desire
to keep things secret at this point is well justified.

Now, using the 'dereliction of Sovereignty' doctrine that the Prince of Sealand
used to get established, it might be possible to use a little subterfuge to
claim some out of the way island that is claimed by a nation. Since those little
spits typically only get visited once a year, and a year seems to be the term
needed to be able to squat and pull the dereliction of sovereignty bit, it might
not be too difficult to bribe the officer commanding the visiting naval vessel
to 'forget' to visit a particular island one year.... of course, it would have
to be a good bribe, in the order of a million bucks as well as the post of
Minister of Defense in the new micronation....

Mike Lorrey

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