Re: maybe c overspeed theory

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 06:59:51 MDT

CYMM wrote:
> Hi Forrest,
> This is cool!
> Faster than Light (FTL) travel will rear its contentious head once you've
> generated a sufficiently multimodal quantum Wavefunction... which I suppose
> you've gone and done by supressing a large subset of paths.
> I suppose an equivalent mechanism can be formulated in a Cramer
> "transactional" model... or even use some classical energy field
> employing(..probably very local...) interference effects to generate
> multimodal potential well fields.
> ...but can you figure out a way to get a deviant Born Rule... so that the
> (FTL) effect will be "nondegenerate" and can actually usefully tranfer

If spaceship A generates an interference field completely surrounding it, would
that generate some sort of severence from locality, such that the ship within
the field could move at velocities faster than light, as observed outside the
field? The problem is that you've got to deal with having a field that covers
the entire event path, right? So you'd have to project an interference field all
the way, and projecting that field is limited by the wave front speed limits, so
you could take 4.3 years projecting an interference field to Alpha Centauri,
then transfer a ship through the field...

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