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Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 05:01:26 MDT

Hi Forrest,

This is cool!

Faster than Light (FTL) travel will rear its contentious head once you've
generated a sufficiently multimodal quantum Wavefunction... which I suppose
you've gone and done by supressing a large subset of paths.

I suppose an equivalent mechanism can be formulated in a Cramer
"transactional" model... or even use some classical energy field
employing(..probably very local...) interference effects to generate
multimodal potential well fields.

 ...but can you figure out a way to get a deviant Born Rule... so that the
(FTL) effect will be "nondegenerate" and can actually usefully tranfer



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Subject: maybe c overspeed theory

>A possible explanation for the recent observation of 300X speed-of -light
>Consider the summation of pathways procedure (path integral) in the
>Feynman picture of Quantum Electrodynamics:
>A photon appears to have gone from source (point 'A') to detector (point
>a distance X from 'A' in a straight line. In actuality (meaning in reality)
>photon samples all possible paths between 'A' and 'B', including paths
>that that involve backward and forward time travel. The net sum of this
>procedure is the straight line at c.
>If some modes, or paths, are suppressed in some asymmetric fashion, the
>photon would either a) not travel in a straight line or b) arrive at 'B'
>or later than expected or c) both.
>For the case of interest, paths that take longer than X/c would be
>in the construction of the photon's wavefront.
>One method of suppression would be to destructive interfere with some of
>slower modes of propagation, using either a time-delayed (or advanced)
>or simply a simultaneous photon.

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