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Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 19:06:24 MDT wrote:
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> > I was forced to attend a marketing meeting to "Brainstorm" new
> > ideas for creating revenue. The leader was prancing around trying
> > to get us to give ideas on expanding market opportunities. "Like to
> > who" somebody asked. "Anybody" was the answer, "I don't know, the
> > homeless for example." Homeless? I stared incredulously.....
> > suddenly my evil twin emerged. "Well the homeless have no fixed
> > residence" I stated "That makes them natural cellular customers"
> > "That's what I'm talking about," the group leader beamed
> > approvingly.
> I think I work for his brother.

I'm wondering why satellite phones never caught on with the yachting
crowd, talk about chic...they can afford it too.

Lets go back to the homeless... I'm wondering why Weyerhauser never
developed a folding cardboard home that you could fold up and fit in a
shopping cart... Then I see these foldiing canoes that some friends of
mine here in NH make, and WHAM! Folding HOUSEBOATS.... build a trailer
park in a bayou swamp out of folding houseboats... or on Lake Titicaca
or Lake Victoria. Build folding houseboats for third world people to
live in.... with a water filtration system, solar oven, and fish
traps.... Heck you could put a cammo pattern on them and jack the price
up and sell them in the Cabelas catalog as luxury floating duck

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