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Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 18:45:29 MDT wrote:
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> > Mark Steyn devoted his monthly column in the July 2000 "American
> Spectator"
> > magazine to violent crime in Britain, with a particular focus on victims
> who
> > were prosecuted for resisting violent attacks. Many Britons are now
> fearful
> > of defending themselves, not because they think their assailants will
> treat
> > them any worse, but because the police and courts will.
> >
> As a British citizen this is something I have thought about and talked
> about in depth with friends. The concensus seems to be that most people
> would
> use whatever force they deemed neccessary to protect themselves and their
> possesions. Of course when it comes to the crunch, I think most people would
> be too shocked to put up as much of a fight as they would want to.

That IS a problem, and I've said that people who are not set and
determined to defend themselves should not carry a weapon.

> I for one would shoot first and worry about the consequences later.
> Unfortunately a paintball gun probably wouldn't give me much protection from
> a buglar, but at least a luminous green painted criminal would be easier for
> the police to find.
> Public opinion here is just about 100% behind anyone that does harm to
> someone attacking them or their property and it seems that the law is
> becoming more leaniant towards anyone in this position. At the end of the
> day, 2 I think the emphisis should be on preventing the
> crime in the first place rather than aguing about any crimes that were as a
> direct result. Also if criminals know that their victims will get off scott
> free for bludgeoning them to death with a golf club in the name of self
> defense, They are more likely to carry weapons and use them for their own
> defence.
> cha..ching........oops, my two cents ran out. I was just getting
> started.

Maybe you can inject mace or capscicum into your paintballs.... boy,
that would be *interesting*, seeing a glowing green thing running
screaming with a brit accent down the street. As for criminals going
armed, all that means is you need your own Operation Exile: guaranteed
prison sentence for felons caught with weapons.

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