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>Yes, and bartering as well, to register barter contracts as a
>matter of course, it helps build a community understanding of and
>comfort with western concepts of rule of law through use of
>contract law, as well as a community records center for deeds,
>marriages, village council records, etc.

Good points all, I am reminded of the oft cited fact that over 50%
of the people in the world have never made a telephone call and in
fact live more than 2 hours from the nearest phone (average).

story follows:

I was forced to attend a marketing meeting to "Brainstorm" new
ideas for creating revenue. The leader was prancing around trying
to get us to give ideas on expanding market opportunities. "Like to
who" somebody asked. "Anybody" was the answer, "I don't know, the
homeless for example." Homeless? I stared incredulously.....
suddenly my evil twin emerged. "Well the homeless have no fixed
residence" I stated "That makes them natural cellular customers"
"That's what I'm talking about," the group leader beamed


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