Re: Check out New Scientist: Stunning developments

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 19:58:43 MDT wrote:

> It seems that Lasers as antiaircraft weapons have been mentioned recently?
> <A HREF="">Click here: New
> Scientist: Stunning developments</A>

Everitt, I noticed there was still a lot of editorializing on the part of
New Scientist about this "stunning development." Actually I hafta
laugh when they call this a stunning development. The DoD had
already declassified other laser shootdown experimental results.

That experiment took place on 7 June, the exact same day the
local propaganda sheet (thinly disguised as a newspaper) ran a
full cover-page editorial (thinly disguised as a news story) about how
the DoD was chasing rainbows with their laser fantasies. The next
day they mumbled *two sentences* deep inside that reported that
one of those rainbows had just taken out an incoming missile.

Anything that can be done down here with a hazy variable
atmosphere in the way can be done better in the crystal clear
vacuum of space. Keep watching for new "stunning developments."

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