Re: SOC/TECH: Greenstar <--- MUST SEE

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 16:45:30 MDT

Doug Jones wrote:
> Adrian Tymes wrote:
> > It needs doing, true. But this will, at best, only indirectly support
> > other goals that need tech that does not yet exist (for instance, life
> > extension). If you're looking for a place to encourage non-extropians
> > to invest, this is certainly a good one, but your own dollars may be
> > better directed to more radical ventures that non-extropians would not
> > support.
> Yes- Greenstar has much broader appeal than core extropian interests.
> Let us focus on these area with litle support, and let Sally Struthers &
> friends push Greenstar.

Well...there *is* one thing we can do. Sally Struthers and friends
don't generally look for these kinds of things, so they don't know about
them. Possibly the most effective form of "investment" we could do here
would merely be to inform non-extropians looking to invest about this.

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