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From: D. den Otter (neosapient@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 15:38:16 MDT

At 14:02 25-06-00 -0400, you wrote:
>GBurch1@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > brian@posthuman.com writes:
> >
> > > Do you think directing some of your charity dollars to it vs. perhaps
> > > something more direct like an organization working to accelerate the
> > > singularity would be a good choice?
> >
> > I honestly (and pretty strongly) think that things like this DO accelerate
> > the arrival of a significantly better future for me, whether that's a true
> > "singularity" or not. The safer, more prosperous and wiser the whole world
> > is, the more resources societies like our can devote to developing the
> > technologies we need to advance the transhumanist agenda.
>Doesn't answer the quantitative question; e.g. how much good is
>accomplished by sending one dollar to a transhumanist organization vs.
>one dollar to Greenstar? Greenstar will get loads of cash dumped on it
>by every private foundation on the planet. The transhumanist
>organizations need *us* as their support base.

Quite right; transhumanist organizations can further our interests (like
cryonics, mind uploading, neurohacking and other stuff that's badly
underfunded & generally neglected by the mainstream) in a much more
efficient and direct fashion than a "general-purpose" charity organization
like Greenstar could ever do. We must take care of our own, for if we don't
do it, no-one will. Well, not anytime soon anyway, and we may not have that
much time left (both as individuals and as a species).

So, let's encourage donations to the really good cause. Of course, the
easier you make it to donate money, the more you will get. That's why I'm
somewhat surprised that ExI, Alcor, the WTA, Foresight, the Singularity
Institute (is it official now?) etc. aren't using e-gold yet; it's fast,
easy, and could create additional income streams for the above mentioned
orgs thanks to its (equally user-friendly) referral program.

Below a short description of the e-gold system, but much more detailed info
can be found at the e-gold website
<http://www.e-gold.com/e-gold.asp?cid=131563> Yeah, that's my personal
referral link; if you choose to set up an account you can think of it as a
way of saying "thank you" for pointing out an interesting concept ;) ExI
ect. could have a link like this on their website.
Extropians/Transhumanists/Cryonicists who would sign up for an account via
that link could support their favorite organization simply by using their
e-gold account for other transactions.

E-Gold is a universal payment system which is 100% backed by gold. If so
desired, you can fund your E-Gold account immediately via Western Union,
Check, Money Order or Bank Transfer. Setting up an account is free and a
matter of minutes. E-Gold transactions are immediate. You can use e-gold to
pay others with e-gold accounts (and if they don't have one yet, they can
use your referral link to go to the e-gold website and create one within
minutes), but you can also exchange your e-gold for any of the following
currencies: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, DEM, JPY, CHF, FFR. You can also exchange
one kind of e-metal for another if so desired (you can choose form gold,
silver, platinum and palladium).

The referral system works as follows: all e-gold account holders are
"Originators". When you direct a new user to the e-gold system using your
personal referral link(s) they become your "Progeny". You will be the
beneficiary of incentive payments generated by the Progeny account. You
will receive an email notifying you as each of your Progeny are "born".

Every time anyone clicks an e-metal payment, the payment processing fee is
automatically split three ways:
-- 25% of the fee (up to 12.5 cents (US$-equivalent) worth of e-metal) will be
credited to the account of the person or company who originally referred the
payer to e-gold,
-- 25% of the fee (up to 12.5 cents worth) will go to whoever originally
the payee to e-gold,
--50% of the fee (up to 25 cents worth ) will go to the Reserve Institution
of the payee.
The e-metal payment processing fee is not being increased. It is being
divided up. It remains 1%, in metal, deducted from payee, subject to a
maximum of 50 cents (US$-equivalent) worth of e-metal, a fraction of what
credit card companies charge.

[etc. see: http://www.e-gold.com/e-gold.asp?cid=131563]

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