Delaney vs. Lorrey

From: Carl Bonzer (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 13:19:19 MDT

>From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
>Carl Bonzer wrote:
>>PS Eliezer, want to put money on the claim that Brian is an idiot? I'm
>I'll put money down right now.


Actually, first let me say that I offer this only under the condition that
it is not illegal to do so.

Assuming it is not illegal I suggest something a bit different. Michael,
proving Brian is not an 'idiot' according to the psychological definition is
too easy, so let's do this:

I propose a bet that he would score higher on an IQ test than you. Assuming
you don't think you're an idiot, this achieves the same thing as the other
bet, but is more interesting.

I checked with Brian on this idea. He doesn't wish to post to this list, but
allowed me to quote from his letter to me:

>Sounds like macho posturing to me, but given Michael's inane comment about
>dueling <.......>, and his incessant, childish insults, I'll agree.
>Please consider an alternative: 1) asking Michael to apologize for his
>thoughtless insults about me; and/or, if some kind of challenge is
>2) have it be content-based. (It would be productive, for example, to have
>some kind of essay-writing contest.)
>But yes, I'll agree to an IQ test comparison or something, if nothing
>less boring can be thought of.
>(Is this legal though?)

Should be simple to arrange. Michael, you and I send say $1000 to someone we
both trust (Greg Birch, I suggest). You sign up with a professional
psychologist for an IQ test, Brian does the same, etc., etc. (we'll need to
hammer out those "etc.s" - verification will be tricky but not impossible).
Loser pays additional money in the amount of the cost of the test, and
perhaps some amount for time spent dealing with this.


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