Re: _The Apology_ (though not Socratic!) (was -- who knows, at this point?)

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 12:31:42 MDT

>From: Brian Manning Delaney <>

>I apologize to the list(s) for my part in this mess. Personally,
>I don't think public conflict is always bad. My experience is
>that one -- if not all involved -- often comes out the other
>side much improved. But 1) I think it seems very unlikely this
>will happen in the case at hnd; and 2) I haven't been
>sufficiently sensitive to others' _different_ views on the value
>of conflict. Given that it actually started seeming likely to be
>unproductive earlier, an apology is most definitely in order.
>Again: I'm sorry, and I shall do my best to be certain not to
>allow this to happen again.

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