Re: New X-humanist forums (regarding Natasha)

From: R. Harrill (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 18:52:18 MDT wrote about a wearying word-fight:

> For my own perverse needs, I am seeing if any of the members of this list
> conform to my idea of the accusation in question.

OK, this perplexed bystander has a comment. Why was Brian subjected
to a rather snotty remark from somebody who said something along the
lines of "You, sir, have insulted the love of my life and I won't
stand for it!"?

Seems to me that if a female stands up and slings mud then she, the
same as you, me, or anyone else, runs the risk of getting whacked.
For other persons to then say, "Now you apologize to the little
lady," exhibits rather crude sexism in my view.

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