Re: GUNS: GUNS, GUNS, and more GUNS

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 11:57:34 MDT

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> > > "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> >>
> >> > I imagine, from the way you have conducted
> >> > yourself here, that you are the sort of person
> >> > who gives thanks every day for the fact that
> >> > duels are no longer legal means of settling
> >> > personal disputes of honor. If you conduct
> >> > yourself in your real interpersonal relations as
> >> > you have here, I would imagine that you would
> > > > not last long in such an environment.
> Mike, I am continually amazed at how you turn every conversation into
> a discussion about guns. In the last little bit, you have steered
> dozens of threads to the topic of guns. You must think about them
> day and night.

Not at all, although you do tend to seem to try to turn every comment I
make into some sort of test or means of impunging me.

> When someone asked about "wearable" computers, you responded about
> wearable guns.

No, nobody said 'computers' specifically.

> When someone referred back to Y2K bugs, your referred
> back to stashing guns.

A large number of people who were greatly concerned about extensive
effects of uncorrected y2k bugs were stashing large quantities of
survival equipment and supplies, many of whom were people intimately
involved in the 'y2k industry', so they were presumably the people most
in the know about it. What makes me so different?

> When someone asked about claiming the moon,
> you responded with the role of guns in the history of land disputes.

thats not at all what I responded, and while I may have made a comment
to that effect, it was a minor one. It seems you have an obsession about
any time someone else talks about guns. Are you that hoplophobic?

> When someone compared political systems, you responded about how the
> Communists and Nazis banned guns.

Someone made comments about how our political system is not so different
from theirs, however the gun issue IS a very good litmus test to
demonstrated which systems trust their citizens and which don't. I'm not
the only person who has made this comparison either, however your
singling me out indicates some sort of obsessive vandetta on your part.

> When someone complained about bad
> statistics, you complained about bad gun statistics.

WHich is a very good example of how political groups lie with
statistics, only because anti-gunners lie so much, and because guns are
a very hot topic in the court of public opinion right now. The fact that
the media seems dead set against guns is programming a lot of people
with false and negative information about guns and gun rights, which
needs to be extinguished with truth.

> When someone
> pointed out crime statistics, you pointed out gun-control statistics.

Because the two are closely intermeshed, as any idiot who knows anything
about crime can tell you.

> When someone described touring Europe, you described gun-control in
> Europe. When someone got into an argument with Max and Natasha, you
> explain how guns could solve the problem. When someone suggested a
> "Committee on Un-Extropian Activities," you mention your tendency to
> shoot first and swear the carcass in later. Why must every
> conversation with you turn into a gun discussion?

Why must every comment or quip be judged to be part of some sort of
evidence in your little personal inquisition?

> Even if you don't mean to do this, are you aware that this is how it
> appears? Could you at least try to change the subject to include a
> prefix of "GUNS:" when you do this? That way people could filter out
> the "GUN:" subjects instead of merely filtering out you.

Are you aware how politically correct you sound and how much you sound
like you are trying to launch an inquisition? If I talked, say, about
trucks, would you even feel the slightest bit interested in my frequent
comments about trucks (as is the case with EvMick)? Why do you seem to
obsess about peoples comments about guns, but not about people's
frequent comments about art (Natasha or Nadia), gardening (Bonnie), the
law (Greg Burch), trucks (EvMick), Music or poetry (E Shaun Russell). It
seems as though you have some unreasoning fear of guns, a hoplophobia.
Perhaps you need to seek counseling...

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