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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 11:52:36 MDT

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> > Here's a suggestion: If the Greenstar system checks out to be as good as
> it
> > looks, maybe we could make it sort of an "official extropian charity".
> d
> > be very, very interested in such an initiative.
> Do you think directing some of your charity dollars to it vs. perhaps
> something more direct like an organization working to accelerate the
> singularity would be a good choice?

I honestly (and pretty strongly) think that things like this DO accelerate
the arrival of a significantly better future for me, whether that's a true
"singularity" or not. The safer, more prosperous and wiser the whole world
is, the more resources societies like our can devote to developing the
technologies we need to advance the transhumanist agenda.

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