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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 08:55:40 MDT wrote:
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> > And check out
> This is an absolutely fantastic creation. Looking through the website (which
> unfortunately masks internal links, or I'd provide them here), the hair on
> the back of my neck stood up and I grinned from ear to ear in admiration for
> the brilliant design work that had gone into the concept. Whoever designed
> this thing deserves a Nobel prize. It's BRILLIANT! I urge everyone on the
> list to take a look at this thing - it's awesome. (Do I sound like I was
> impressed?) I'd especially be interested in comments from our engineers - is
> this as good as we can do RIGHT NOW to get electricity, medicine and the net
> (which means education and working around the tin-pot dictators and local
> thugs who run most of the poorer part of the world) into villages in the
> Third World? It sure looks like it to me. If this isn't extropian, I don't
> know what is!

This is a well thought out comprehensive system. I was especially
impressed with the efficiency of the UV water purification system. I do
have a few questions though:

a) I did not notice that they mentioned how the ecommerce webserver is
connected to the internet from such a remote location.

b) your point about tin-pot dictators indicates a potential threat.
Making too many villagers independent of the regieme to any extent may
result in a pogrom of destroying Greenstar installations in order to
reassert control. The other question is what is Greenstar doing to work
with the more conservative members of the villagers about the cultural
diversity aspects (i.e. internet porn, western political thought, that
sort of thing) to mitigate their concerns and possible opposition?

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