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> This is a well thought out comprehensive system. I was especially
> impressed with the efficiency of the UV water purification system. I do
> have a few questions though:
> a) I did not notice that they mentioned how the ecommerce webserver is
> connected to the internet from such a remote location.
> b) your point about tin-pot dictators indicates a potential threat.
> Making too many villagers independent of the regieme to any extent may
> result in a pogrom of destroying Greenstar installations in order to
> reassert control. The other question is what is Greenstar doing to work
> with the more conservative members of the villagers about the cultural
> diversity aspects (i.e. internet porn, western political thought, that
> sort of thing) to mitigate their concerns and possible opposition?

I was so excited that I sent my first post before I'd read the FAQ
completely. Check out the answers they offer at their site to these
questions. They're not COMPLETE answers, by any means. But that have at
least thought about it. The basic answer is that the Greenstar folks intend
to work with "Village Councils". Therein lie many more questions, but it
sounds like a very good "spontaneous order" approach.

Thinking about this some mroe (I've GOT to get some PAYING work done today!),
I was reminded of Spike's comment about a "universal culture" symbol (and the
jokes about McDonalds that followed). This may be the seed for that . . .

To quote Samuel L Jackson's character in "Jackie Brown", this is "too cool
for school"!

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