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<< I think 'Fascist' refers to Mussolini's party, after the 'fasces' borne by
 Roman magistrates. Naziism and Franco's politics get called 'fascist' due to
 strong resemblances in their policies. OTOH, anti-Semitism may not be the
 strongest point of resemblance. I'm told the Italians weren't that effective
 in rounding up Jews for the Nazis, and Franco wisely stayed neutral, so a Jew
 who made it to Spain would be pretty safe. Safer than one in Stalin's
 The blind nationalism common to fascism certainly lends itself to revived
 anti-Semitism, but the Nazis were specialists in that area.
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Not only that, but in the Balkans, some Italian units protected Jews form the
massacres of the Croatian Ustashis during WW2. My source is Hitler's Pope:
The History of Pope Pius the 12th. Caused something of a stir last year.

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