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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 13:55:55 MDT

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<< Can somebody help me? I always thought that Mussolini was a fascist due
 to his having split with the communist party over the Italian communist
 leadership refusing to play up to the Italian WWI veterans. On the other
 hand the German leadership at that time were the Nazis or National Socialist
 Party and not Fascist at all. My reference for this is what I remember of
 the history of that time and Frederick Von Hayek's book THE ROAD TO SERFDOM.
     Today I am hearing that term thrown around in ways don't suggest those
 definitions at all.
 Ron H. >>
Its currently used as a generic term. That's how I used it. Mussolini's brand
of National Socialism was not the worst by a long shot. What you end up
doing, I feel, is quibbling. Perhaps, I might've used Ethnic Cleansing or
Ethnic Cleanser as a term? Frederick Von Hayek was a very cool thinker and
his works will resonate for centuries to come. But Fascist is "as defined by
myself for this list" is predatory, white racist, provocation. There is also
the risk of using lists like these as covers for the peddlers of National
Socialist memes. Only vigilance will fight it.

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