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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 12:50:50 MDT wrote:

> Can somebody help me? I always thought that Mussolini was a fascist due
> to his having split with the communist party over the Italian communist
> leadership refusing to play up to the Italian WWI veterans. On the other
> hand the German leadership at that time were the Nazis or National Socialist
> Party and not Fascist at all. My reference for this is what I remember of

I think 'Fascist' refers to Mussolini's party, after the 'fasces' borne by
Roman magistrates. Naziism and Franco's politics get called 'fascist' due to
strong resemblances in their policies. OTOH, anti-Semitism may not be the
strongest point of resemblance. I'm told the Italians weren't that effective
in rounding up Jews for the Nazis, and Franco wisely stayed neutral, so a Jew
who made it to Spain would be pretty safe. Safer than one in Stalin's Russia,

The blind nationalism common to fascism certainly lends itself to revived
anti-Semitism, but the Nazis were specialists in that area.

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