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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 12:27:58 MDT

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<< I don't know if its fascist as just a typical bully mentality. Two
 bullies in a playground won't face off against each other, they will
 find the weakest kid on the playground and make sport of him. I suppose
 if you look at it in a "Lord of the Flies" way, you could make that
 association, and I'm sure there's plenty of schoolyard bullies that
 wound up leading the Reich. >>

    Can somebody help me? I always thought that Mussolini was a fascist due
to his having split with the communist party over the Italian communist
leadership refusing to play up to the Italian WWI veterans. On the other
hand the German leadership at that time were the Nazis or National Socialist
Party and not Fascist at all. My reference for this is what I remember of
the history of that time and Frederick Von Hayek's book THE ROAD TO SERFDOM.
    Today I am hearing that term thrown around in ways don't suggest those
definitions at all.
Ron H.

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