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>When the greens speak of using up resources, I always find it
>strange. All the material is still here, nothing has been used up.
>Atoms have been rearranged, but they are all still here. I propose we
>go to Mars and rearrange the place to better suit our purposes. spike

Yes, there's talk of "replentishing" any resources used. You set up a mine
on Mars and build a ship out of the minerals you got from the mine - now you
have used Mars' resources and must replentish them. This amounts to taking
metal from someplace else, an asteroid maybe, and putting it on Mars. In
debate, be sure to point out how absurd this is. The exo-environmentalist
(my term?) position amounts to an obsessive-compulsive shifting arouns of
the solar system's minerals in order to make sure the amounts stay exactly
Some form of "environmentalism" would be neccesary in planetary
colonization, at least in the beginning. For a lunar colony, with no
Nitrogen, Carbon, or Hydrogen in appreciable amounts (I do not count the
Lunar water as an appreciable amount, at least at first), an extremely
efficient method of recycling will be needed.

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