Re: "Raping the planets" and other PR disasters

From: zeb haradon (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 00:53:42 MDT

If you were giving a speech which might be publicized or trying to sway an
audience, or being serious, it's probably not a good idea to speak of
"raping" the planets. Why use this word? You're letting the other side frame
the deabte - treating a planet as an entity with rights - and adopting the
stance of someone who would violate these rights. In serious discussion,
this is a disaster.
But I think we're "among friends" here and I think it can be taken as a
flippant comment to speak of "raping mars". I don't think you're trying to
sway anyone's opinion because we probably are all (mostly) in favor of using
space's resources.
I have a bumper sticker which says "If Jesus comes back, we'll get him
again", I find it a very funny bumper sticker. To me, and to friends, it's
point is obvious, but I decided against putting it on my car. There are too
many people who are looking for reasons to be offended, who will look at the
surface meaning of something, and no deeper, and think it means I am
literally in favor of crucifixion of dissenters. If you publicly speak of
raping planets, you're very easily interpreted as saying that a planet is a
thing of intrinsic value which you take joy in destroying.

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