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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 11:33:04 MDT

Greg Burch wrote:

>I don't know where this discussion came from and only had time to quickly
>skim it on this busy morning, but the idea that extropianism is "right wing"
>in the sense that that term is usually used in popular discourse is just
>plain wrong. The idea that it is anti-Semitic is so absurd that I can't
>imagine anyone coming to such a conclusion.
After reading Max's post under this subject line I went back and read the
majority of the posts on this subject posted in the past few weeks. Even
after being on this list for four years I am consistently surprised and
appalled that this kind of so-called thinking still goes on in the minds of
some alledgedly intelligent transhumanists.

As with the "cult" discussion a couple of years ago, there is absolutely no
Extropian affinity with any politic or non-transhumanist groups. There is
absolutely no literature on the entire web which indicates otherwise. The
founder of Extropy himself has frequently had to say this publicly due to
the militant inanity of a few arrogant individuals.

When I read drivel such as the ZOG and Commie Nonsense threads, I am
baffled as to the reasons why people make such boorish claims. Is it
insecurity? The need to attempt to push a philosophy down in order to feel
an intellectual betterment? And why slander? If, for some unimaginable
reason, I was to have a falling out with the Extropy Institute, the last
thing I would do would be to slander it on its public forum. Not only is
it untrue and misleading, it is also extremely rude...particularly coming
from people who have previously asserted their alleged intellects politely
on much more pertinent issues.

To those few who I am mainly addressing, all I request (and this is just
me, not necessarily anyone else) is that you either post to this forum with
good manners and intellectual integrity on issues that have some relevance
to transhumanism, or you politely and quietly leave this forum to those who
value it, and those who may come to value it. Is there really any rational
alternative otherwise?

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